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This tibble contains the results of geocoding five cities ("Houston", "Washington", "New York", "Chicago", "Arlington") using the Google Maps API on 2022-06-08. Two cities, Washington and Arlington, were deliberately picked for their ambiguity: Washington could refer to the city or the state, and Arlington could mean the one in Virginia or the one in Texas.




A tibble with 5 rows and two columns. city gives the original search term and json gives the returned JSON converted to a list.


#> # A tibble: 5 × 2
#>   city       json            
#>   <chr>      <list>          
#> 1 Houston    <named list [2]>
#> 2 Washington <named list [2]>
#> 3 New York   <named list [2]>
#> 4 Chicago    <named list [2]>
#> 5 Arlington  <named list [2]>